Bosch BDM 4 in 1

Bosch MPC5xx adapter BDM 4 in 1 KTAG, Trasdata, BDM100, Fgtech

VAT excluded

Price: 39,00 €

Adapter size

Bosch BDM 4 in 1 adapter supports KTAG, TRASDATA, BDM100 and FGTECH programmers. Precisly designed BDM adapter for safe and very fast handlig that minimises the risk while connecting to Engine Control Unit BDM pins.


We offer 2 different dimensions of the adapter. Standard size 6cm wide and NON-Standard size 4cm wide. Please be sure that you choose the right size. If you are not sure which one you need,
measure width of adapter holder on your BDM frame. Standard size comes with black protector and NON-Standard has no protector.

No more tuning only over OBD, expand your business and cover more vehicles.

Technical specification

- supports KTAG, TRASDATA, BDM100 and FGTECH programmer
- BDM adapter for Bosch MPC5xx ECUS
- awailable in 2 different dimesions 6cm or 4cm wide, please be carefull when choosing adapter size
- standard 6cm size adapter is classic adapter and it comes with black protector, the non-standard 4cm adapter comes without black protector
- direct connection to programmer - plug your programmer directly to adapter and start reading or writing
- cut out windows for viewing and getting natural light dropping towards pins and avoiding light reflection
- clear view of the ECU BDM connector simplifies positioning of the adapter
- very important cut out edges very close around the pinouts for great view while connecting to the ECU
- ground marked on the PCB so you can be sure if you turned adapter properly by measuring ground on ecu housing or pinout
- white markings for identification purposes
- QR code with ECU support list so you can simply scan code and check if adapter supports ECU you are interested in
- supports stable and precise connection - with 2.5mm PCB there is no bending
- reliable contact with precise golden pogopins
- very good impact resistance and nice handling with smooth PCB rounded edges
- basic safety warrnings and usage notes are written on PCB
- possibility of branding the item with your logotype (please contact us first and we will make aprooval for that)

- adapter color: red with white print
- full package weight: 120g
- full package dimension: 5cm x 13cm x 9cm
- package color: white

ECU Support list

ME9.x Chevrolet
MED9.6.1 Ferrari

Comparison information and notes

Compatible input/output with 14AM00T01M KTAG adapter
Compatible input/output with F34DM002 Trasdata adapter
Compatible input/output with BDM143 EVC BDM100 adapter

User manual

1. First press adapter to ECU without any cables attached on the adapter

2. To be sure if you turned adapter properly always measure pogopin with ground marking "-" towards ECU housing or ground pin on ECU connector.
Mesaure it with multimeter - resistance beeper and if it beeps than you are 100% sure you turned adapter properly. For BOSCH ecus first left line on ECU pads should newer be connected. ALWAYS follow your programmer instructions / user manual. All of our adapters have ground marking on pogopins with sign minus "-". That is helper if you are unsure that you turned ECU/Adapter properly. You can alway check it that way.

3. When your adapter is properly pressed to the ecu, connect flat cable that comes directly from programmer to PROPER plug, if you connect the programmer to wrong plug you will burn ECU for sure.

4. Once adapter and cables are connected you can start with reading and writing. Always folow your programmer instructions.

5. For FGTECH ONLY - Once adapter is pressed to the ECU, flat cable is connected and FGTECH software is opened: You need to put red cable from FGTECH cables that is equipped with switch to the + pin in the middle of the adapter and when you put switch ON - ECU will get power. That must be LAST STEP, because if you put power first and than if you will make positioning towards ECU you will burn ECU!!! Only FGTECH does not provide power from its pinout so power needs to be connected with cable to pin with marking "+".

Package content:

- 1x adapter
- 1x user manual


Requires some basic knowledge for handling.

Make sure the connections towards ECU is properly turned. Use ground markings "-" to check orientation.

You should triple check that the ground and power pins are in correct place, see you BDM pinout. Do not plug the power before you press pogopins to ECU.

- use only one flasher/programmer at the time
- use only one connector connected to the flasher at the same time
- be careful not to reverse polarity in any case
- do NOT make short circuit
- do NOT leave the adapter on conductive material to avoid short circuits
- use only for mention purposes - reading and writing the ECU with 4 mentioned flashers/programmers
- do not bend the pogo pins
- do not eat
- do not burn
- do not expose it to heat or fire
- do not expose to the high voltage
- do not expose to direct sun light
- do not clean with chemicals
- pogo pins are very sharp and can make injuries

We do not take any responsibility (direct or indirect) for damages on your ECU by wrong usage, mistakes, accidents or any kind of interrupts, interference or coincidences (predictable or not predictable).

Howewer, our products are high quality products that will satisfy your needs and standards. Use it with care any you will never have problems