Kess Master

Kess master. Original. Full protocols.

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Kess Master Original - Car & Bikes
KESSv2 doesn’t waste your time: before beginning any writing to a file, KESSv2 corrects the Checksum, checks and removes errors in the ECU, tests battery tension, perceives whether there is the risk.

The first time you use KESSv2 you realize just how easy and quick it is to get updates, download operating manuals, start reading an ECU, manage files, and write the right file at the right moment. You never have to worry about the Checksum or how to make a connection. KESS Suite, the software supplied with the OBD Programmer, helps you choose the car, the bike, the truck, the tractor, or the ECU you want to tune.


Kit contains:

KESSv2 Master - Slave
K-Suite Software
USB Cable
Standard OBDII Cable CAN/J1850/K-LINE
25pin Bootloader K4 Cable
Universal Cable for KESSv2 (5 wires)
Suitcase for KESSv2

Integrated Software:

Includes electronic user guides, pinout for cables, predisposed for automatic checksum correction.

System requirements:

Windows Vista 32bit and 64bit, Windows 7 32bit and 64bit, Windows 8 32 bit and 64 bit
256 Mb RAM
Integrated USB
Internet access

We do not take any responsibility (direct or indirect) for damages on your ECU by wrong usage, mistakes, accidents or any kind of interrupts, interference or coincidences (predictable or not predictable).

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