Universal adapter L

Universal boot adapter for bdm frame size L (6cm wide)


VAT excluded

Price: 29,00 €



Now you can make any adapter that is not on the market. You can make your own tool very easy. Pogopins can be soldered also
in angle. All parts are same as on the picture.


We offer 2 different dimensions of the adapter. This adapter is standard 6cm wide and it fits to standard BDM frame. Please be sure that you are looking the right one. If you own non standard BDM frame with 4cm wide socket for adapter fitting, than you can also get non standard 4cm wide adapter by clicking HERE.

No more tuning only over OBD, start real business and cover much more vehicles faster.
With BOOT MODE you can make full backup of the ECU in case that something goes wrong and you can than use that backup to clone your ECU to another one.

Technical specification

- fits to classic BDM frame (this one is 6cm wide), if you need non standard 4cm wide adapter for non standard BDM frame, please click HERE
- supports stable and precise connection - with 2.5mm PCB there is no bending
- supports stable and reliable connection with precise golden pogopins
- very good impact resistance and nice handling with smooth PCB rounded edges
- very important cut out edges very close around the pinouts for great view while connecting to the ECU
- clear view of the ECU boot pad simplifies positioning of the adapter
- precise holes for golden pogopins which you can solder under the angle to get pogopins as close as possible
- every hole for pogopin has aditional pin where you can plug jumper cable and make circuit as you wish
- added 3x 470ohm, 3x 560ohm and 1000ohm resistors

- adapter width: 40mm
- adapter color: blue with white print

- full package weight: approx. 100g

- full package dimension: 5cm x 13cm x 9cm
- package color: gray

Package content: white

- adapter
- 10x jumper wire, premium Female/Female
- 10x golden pogopins
- 3x 470ohm resistors
- 3x 560ohm resistors
- 3x 1000ohm resistors
- 10x pins for connecting jumper wires


Requires some basic knowledge for handling.

Make sure the connections between the programmer and adapter is correct to avoid damaging to the ECU and the programmer.
You should triple check that the ground and power to the ECU are in correct place, see you ECU pinout.

- do NOT make short circuit
- do NOT leave the adapter on conductive material to avoid short circuits
- use only for mention purposes - reading and writing the ECU in boot mode
- do not bend the pogo pins
- do not eat
- do not burn
- do not expose it to heat or fire
- do not expose to the high voltage
- do not expose to direct sun light
- do not clean with chemicals
- pogo pins are very sharp and can make injuries

We do not take any responsibility (direct or indirect) for damages on your ECU by wrong usage, mistakes, accidents or any kind of interrupts, interference or coincidences (predictable or not predictable).

Howewer, our products are high quality products that will satisfy your needs and standards. Use it with care any you will never have problems